Our Objectives 

  1. To implement /organize the massive plantation of Billion Trees, to bring the garden of forests in the villages and cities, in order to reduce global warming, increase the fertility of the soil, and to reduce micro-climate changes.
  2. To construct the green wall, all along the sea coast of India, River beds and lake beds to prevent the coastal erosion caused by Tsunamis and floods, safeguarding the marine habitat.
  3. Establishment of the plant production centers (Nurseries) for the procurement of the plants required for the project of Billion Tree plantation.
  4. To bring awareness among the people involved in the deforestation, about the harm being done by them to mother nature and motivating them to plant in a ratio of 1:10, paving the path to RE-FORESTATION.
  5. Door to Door distribution of the plants, to raise domestic wellness and greenery.
  6. To interact with the political leaders and to urge them to avoid the usage of plastic and polythene materials, in campaigning and advising them to promote it via Digital marketing and social media tools such as End print media , SMS, E-mail, and Paid Ads.
  7. To advise government officials and the cinema industry to prohibit the usage of wall posters.
  8. To create awareness among the public about the irreversible harm done to the environment, by reaching out to the citizens visiting temples and religious worships, shops, and other commercial establishments to curb the usage of plastic covers (or) plastic bags and to minimize the burning of camphor , other paraphernalia with the plastic wrapping.
  9. To approach and convince the Road Transport administration to lay the missing footpaths in India.
  10. To provide medical support to the needy and economically weaker sections of society by conducting medical camps and medicine distribution.
  11. Providing specialized treatments to the needy by establishing a hospital.
  12. To Protect the national heritage and culture, by teaching the children, as they are tomorrow’s citizen , through the child reformation centers ( yoga, Meditation, dance and songs).
  13. To sponsor kids for their education, who are at risk of stopping to school and sending to work to give wings to the dream of education.
  14. To work and promote education, and skill development among the economically weaker sections of society.
  15. To work in the field of women empowerment, aiming for stronger women in financial independence, thereby strong families.
  16. To work for the upliftment of the economically weaker sections of society through sustainable projects.
  17.  To promote animal husbandry, building and maintaining shelter homes for animals.
  18. Garbage management: To encourage and advise everyone about the environment-friendly system of garbage disposal and the beautiful ways of recycling.
  19. To educate and promote the ways to recycle bio waste like bio gas systems and fertilizer production.