Campaign-19 to 24

The title campaign-19 evolved to start environment-friendly campaigns. Any campaign should be digitalized or it should be via electronic media. To achieve this, we have written letters and posted them to  

  • Collectors of each district 
  • Heads of Political Parties 
  • All members of the parliament (Rajya sabha and Loksabha members)
  • Pollution control board.

We have requested the Election commission to stop campaigning of the political parties with:

  • Plastic materials like Banners, flags, and Hoardings 
  • Mass public meetings  

Tons of plastic are used during the time of election campaign, on observing these situations we have started the campaign-19 project to inform all the above leaders to modify their campaigning system during the election.

In this process, we approached pollution control boards of each state and received various replies from them. With all these supportive documents we approached the supreme court in the process of stopping political campaigns and not using plastic. After several months Supreme court advised us to approach the green tribunal.

By that time the elections of 2019 came to an end. So we set our target for 2024 and plan it according to the advisory committee.