Green wall and Researches

Coastal Resources are of much help to the mankind. Ecosystems of coastal resources have specific impacts on human life. This “Green Wall” Project deals with issues related to Palmyra covers and other forms of plantation.

The “Green Wall” Project of Neshna Trust will establish a systematic management of plantation ecosystem to secure this valuable resource.

The “Green Wall” project will play a role as an active agency for prevention of the Palmyra covers, Palmyra conservation and restoration. The increase in Palmyra area will help the coastal community by way of easy access to fuel wood and small timber requirement through sustainable harvesting. Since there will be a community based approach, the community will have a feeling of owning the Project and the Concept will be a sustainable one, in the long run.

Project Location:

Environmental impacts

A health awareness programmes was conducted in the school and rural area by the Green India trust volunteers and specialized person and doctors.

Social impacts

Project Out Comes