COVID-19 Relief Programs

Covid-19 is one of the worst health and economic crises that the modern world has ever faced the modern history. The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of many people across the globe, where millions of people left with no job, several people lost their livelihood, and many people left with no economical support.

Considering the covid-19 pandemic, Green India Trust has carried out the following activities:

Covid Hospital

 Many people developed sudden symptoms and loss of their lives, without acquiring immediate treatment. To limit Green India Trust allied hospital got the license to run its own covid 50 bedded hospital in Nellore to serve the poor and needy.

The hospital has appointed specialized doctors ( particularly pulmonologists, nurses, and other administrative staff ) and treated 545 covid patients with our funds.

All the resources have been managed from Lotus Hospital, Nellore like oxygen, ventilators, and monitors. We have given treatment free of cost and supplied nutritional food to support their recovery during the hospital stay. 

Sanitary Napkins Distribution

Due to covid-19 pandemic, Daily wage earners, maids, construction workers, Auto drivers, Balloons, and Toys sellers, and other daily waged laborers faced difficulty in fulfilling their basic needs. So Green India Trust with the help of volunteers and other health care workers provided “ Sanitary napkins “door–to–door in 6 villages to provide them with proper menstrual hygiene.

Distribution Of N95 Masks To The Front-Line Warriors And Surgical Masks To The Villagers

The safety of the front-line workers is one of the most important concerns during the time of covid. So we decided to provide N95 masks to all the health care workers such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other hospital staff and the police department.

We have distributed 2,000 N95 masks and 10,000 surgical masks during the covid pandemic.

Covid -19 Relief Food, Nutrition Kits

A team of our trust visited villages and identified the affected during the lockdown and distributed items like Rice, Dal, Red gram, Jaggery, and vegetables.

We have distributed fruits to the people who recovered from covid to develop better immunity among them.

Our team has supported 250 families and 6 villages.