About Us

Green India Trust (GIT), founded in 2008 by Dr. Ch. Murali Krishna and a group of like-minded and devoted friends is a collaborative effort of an innovative and professional shared platform for collaboration and alignment towards empowerment, development, and conservation in livelihood, NRM, rural infrastructure, rural communities, and health.

It aims to improve the livelihoods of the target people by better using existing land, water, and forest resources. It will be fueled by value chain expansion, knowledge advancement, and financial availability. Green India Trust enables its beneficiaries to have improved access to inputs and services directly or via connection and convergence. Community engagement in this process is coordinated using the tried-and-true technique of SHGs, which are aggregated into sustainable federations.

Economic progress is meaningless unless it is accompanied by improved health and living circumstances. Green India Trust works to improve community health by promoting better cleanliness and sanitation in village communities, as well as immunization and nutritional intake. This is done once again with the assistance of peers from the community.

The third important issue GIT addresses are skill development, women empowerment, and job creation. Unskilled workers, women, and young people with a semi-high school education make up its target audience. They are given training in skill acquisition, skill upgrade, and entrepreneurship development, and post-training help with their businesses’ technical, financial, and management perspectives.