"Campaigns Against Eco-Hazardous Materials and to Instill Eco-Friendly Living Habits"

Project Profile:

It is a campaign to be planned up to 2025 over the state of Andhra Pradesh with various CBOs, NGOs, Trusts, People/Officials from Media, Lawyers, Health Departments, SHGs, WDCs, EDCs, VSSs, PTA, Political Unions/Parties, FD, PRIs, GPs, Technology Parks, Educational Institutions, Electronic/Print medias etc. to avoid plastic, to end print media, avoid burning of effigies, destruction of public properties, avoid use of flexes, nailing the roadside trees for hanging boards, cu outs and such many.

  1. Cover new 50 villages of Nellore, Prakasam and Guntur District.
  2. Develop and networks of new 35 NCCs and strengthen them into action.
  3. Submitted 5 PILs on various plastic, Land mining, Hillock Destruction, monumental violations that cause serious future pressure to earth, lands, water and ecology.
  4. Awareness creation and action to STOP NAILING on Road-Side Trees to hang hoardings, boards, banners etc. (Gradually that kill the trees).
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