About Us

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Ch. Murali Krishna along with like-minded and passionate friends, Green India Trust (GIT) is a collective effort of a resourceful and professional common platform for partnership and accordance towards development, empowerment and conservation in livelihood, rural communities, rural infrastructure, NRM and health. GIT gives utmost priority to ensuring rural people’s participation and exertion for their own development. In order to promote active and operational participatory aspects, GIT adopts and initiates a variety of interventions and programmes.

GIT was born from the direct experiences of Dr CH Murali Krishna and the founding friends, who went on a tour to the Southern Indian coastal region that was with alarming shoreline erosion and threat to coastal communities livelihood/survival, coastal biota ecosystem; especially to climate change.Thus as an environmental conservation voluntary social venture, GIT works on climate change,biodiversity conservation, sustainable development initiatives for forest-coastal communities, forest land conservation, wild-life/flora/coastal biota ecosystem and blue carbon ecosystems protection etc. Starting with few small and local initiatives, GIT has grown national proportions with comprehensive and holistic programs within the last 11 glorious years of passion, dedication and core-competency. Green India Trust is the environmental voice of Indian citizens, standing for environmental justice, sustainable development and participatory democracy.

GIT now takes up studies on issues, develop sustainable solution models, conduct research studies, effective field level implementation and extend services to other agencies, NGOs etc. GIT seeks to ensure a healthy environment and rich biodiversity throughout the Asia Pacific and beyond.

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