Green Indaia Trust

Dr. Ch. Murali Krishnais the founder chairman of the Green India Trust (GIT). Hailing from a middle class community service background family of Andhra Pradesh, South India, his childhood and school days were filled with the memories of helping, serving and voicing for the resource, social and economic poor families of post independent years. Thus establishment of GIT is not of a sudden, but it was the culmination of his long-standing and intense longing passion for service derived from his father who served the poor as volunteer, freedom fighter and politician.

The passion for service has never kept aside even in the midst of a successful professional carrier of Dr. Ch. Murali Krishna as a specialized medical practitioner, trained in London, UK, practicing in India under both state governments and own medical care unit too. In the intervening time he also held/hold many positions and services like RSS karyadharshak to key positions in many resource agencies, associations etc.

Dr. Ch. Murali Krishna’s dedication, passion and core-competency has been exemplified in numerous occasions when he received many awards, commendations and certificates etc. of state, regional, national and international levels.

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