Health Care

Specialized Treatment

The following types of Services are planned and designed to offer under specialized treatment,

Gynecology Care :

Pregnant Women

Green India Trust will adopt, work out and apply the following strategies and a fore-given in an effective way to address the issues identified here and they are:

Medical Camp

We obviously need to improve our failing healthcare system where costs are skyrocketing and the poor do not have the healthcare they need. Healthcare is a basic right of a human being which should be available for everyone and shouldn’t be treated as a commodity only for those who can spend money to buy the services. So Green India Trust should be conducted free medical camp for 3 to 6 Days a Weekly as per trust guide line. Before Camp Conduction, Green India Trust Camp Incharge Should Know About the Avenue of the Camp, Were Is Going To Be Conduct and When to Conduct.

Medical camps are solely serving humanity by taking care of the sick children and adults and giving them healthcare services for free. When the majority of hospitals and clinics are closed for the poor people leaving them to die from diseases, trauma and other health complications, free medical camps step in as their biggest hope. Even the poorest among us deserve the dignity of equal human rights which cannot be declined. Green India Trust conducting server free medical camps here the needed.

Health Awareness

A health awareness programmes was conducted in the school and rural area by the Green India trust volunteers and specialized person and doctors.

Established New hospital

Establishment of a Multi-Speciality Community Health Center (Multi-specialty Hospital),Health Education, Mobile Medical Care Unit Programme.

Intergrated Approach for Advanced and Affordable Basic Health Care/Treatment, Awareness Creation on Health Issues, Sanitation, Personal Health, Tobacco/Alcohol Effects and Action/Suport Services for Rural Poor through Mobile Medical Unit.Health care covers not merely medical care but also all aspects pro preventive care too.