GIT Accouting System

GIT has a well-formatted and planned series of accounting practices and specific committee for budgeting,
allotment and spending the contributions accordingly. Besides these all GIT
functions with an exclusive Finance Policy and Manual at par with national and
international accounting, auditing and monitoring practices and standards. Thus
GIT has very good financial practices with accountability and transparency.

Some of our Accounting Practices:
GIT has both manual and computerized accounting procedures in our
accounting system; separately for local and FCRA projects and funding. And the
computerized accounting procedure we use Tally ERP 9.

GIT gets its accounts audited by an external body (Chartered Accountant Firm) every
half and yearly basis (FY ending 31st March).

GIT has an internal control system for accounting transparencies with spate manual
and electronic vouchers, bills, books of accounts for both local and FCRA etc.
controlled by a separate wing.

GIT publishes its Accounts and Updates through its website, legal formalities and
platforms, that are available to any officials visiting from concerned department/ministry
or donor side at any time.