Why GIT?

  • GIT is the environmental voice of Indian citizens, standing for environmental justice, sustainable development and participatory democracy.
  • GIT seeks to ensure a healthy environment and rich biodiversity throughout the Asia Pacific and beyond.
  • GIT promotes environment conservation educating all sectors of society through focused interventions and participatory involvements.
  • GIT strives for a sustainable future for the planet in the public benefit and act to conserve threatened species and ecosystems whilst taking account of human needs.
  • GIT conducts training programmes and researches, impact cum Feasibility Studies, and organizes exhibitions, lectures, conferences and seminars.
  • GIT takes up knowledge and Information Dissemination activities for the benefits of the public, researchers, activists, environmentalists, NGOs, Students and organizations etc. particularly environment and NRM causes.
  • GIT prepares designs and publishes resourceful, innovative and educative Tags, Brochures, Banners, Posters and Pamphlets etc. on various topics related to environment, bio-diversity, water, tree-plantation, agriculture, marine agriculture, wild animals, climate change, GHG emissions/impacts, REDD++, Air/Water pollution, benefits of agro-forestry and such hundreds of resourceful details.
  • GIT takes up activities like field level data collection, feasibilities studies of biotechnology based programmes for common people, eco-friendly organic manures, research on Marine Agriculture (Seaweed cultivation), research to improve the costal biota of ecosystems, Scientific approaches for the conservation/protection of flora/fauna, water bodies, bio-diversity, natural sanctuaries, marsh lands, eco-restoration over degraded/decertified lands/revenue hillocks, swamp forests, coastal belts, potentiality of Mangroves for environment/ecological balancing in alignment with human benefits, biotechnology based fertilizers/biochar/enterprises, fungi-based manures, research on costal Green Wall creation & benefits, Green Gas omissions/climate change/RED+/RED++ mitigation/adaptation scientific/natural remedies and such projects which are in alignment with Nature, Human Beings, Animals, Fauna, Flora and with the guidelines/recommendations/permission of various Indian and International guidelines, laws and stipulations.