Volunteering :

GIT gives volunteering opportunities to our working fields of the beautiful, warming, gorgeous landscapes, seashores, tribal hamlets, coastal lines, agro-fields of Eastern Ghats, Southern Coastal Lines of South India.

Present Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Green Wall Creation – Feasibility and Survey For Green Wall Creation (Over the Coastal lines of Andhra Pradesh)
  • Vernacular Language and Environment Literacy (It is an innovative project that GIT carries out over the Eastern Ghats and Coastal Hamlets of South India – among forest-depending/dwelling tribal communities)
  • 1 Billion Tree Plantation (The prestigious and perhaps the one and only largest project a Voluntary Organization carries out in the World)

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S. No. Time Activity
1 6:30 Wake Up and Freshup
2 8:30 Breakfast
3 9:30 Start from the Camp to the Target Village