1 Billion Tree Plantation :

Project Profile :
The billion-tree plantation (Or One Billion Tree Plantation) efforts towards environment protection reducing GHG, Carbon persistence as a mitigation measure, is one and only such a huge project in India and it is one of the largest projects of GIT to plant long-life tree saplings mainly and primarily over the coastal belts, seashores, agro-lands (vulnerable to sea waves/tides/tsunami/tides), road sides, school/college courtyards/campuses, Govt. Offices, Revenue hillocks, Revenue Waste lands, CPRs, Semi-forests, open lands (Govt. and Pvt.) with involvement of communities, CBOs, NGOs, and school/college children etc. It also conducts many awareness creation, training, debate, educative, mobilizing activities and thus the proposed project will have the following major components:

  • Awareness Creation and Capacity Building
  • Formation of Community Structures
  • Nurseries Development and Planting Materials
  • Procurement of quality saplings and stems
  • Minor and necessary WRD and SMS activities
  • Plantation and Nurturing of saplings – (Plantation)
So far Reach outs of the OBT:(gIVE IN rOUND CHARTS

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