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Welcome to Green India

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Our Dream Project, The Billion Tree Plantation.

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Establishing Plant Production Centers & Green Houses

Dear Green Protectors Welcome to Green India

Establishing Nurseries, Plant Production Centers and Green Houses at areas suitable for plant growth, in various locations around India. Not in Profit Basis.

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Billion Tree Plantation

BillionTreePlantation Our Dream Project, The Billion Tree Plantation, an Ongoing project has been our priority. And by every passing day we see the progress to reach our target of planting a billion trees.

Green Wall

GreenWallWe have started Forest development at Coastal area which is an ongoing Process. Plantation was done bordering the coastal belt with plants summing to a number of 6,08,569 .

Green Awareness

GreenAwarenessIt has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining popularised only five Power of centuries.


FightAgainstWe are Green India Protest against Wall posters and Flex boards used for publicity, We are bringing out awareness against the usage of Plastic and polythene products.


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