Eco-Restoration :

“Multi-stake holder initiatives for Eco-Restoration & Livelihood of rural lives and forest vegetation’s natural re-growth".

Project Profile:
This project is to support the ruminant rearing families of coastal-fringe villages of Nellore district coastal lines to be sustainable their forage needs over villages so that to reduce and stop forest dependency, forest lands, revenue lands, hillocks over grazing that cause serious threats to lands, animals, vegetation and ecology.

So Far Reach Outs:

  • Covered 1024 acres of potential coastal, waste lands of Nellore district,
  • Formed 25 CBOs and entrusted them to maintain the developed agro-forestry lands,
  • Raised agro-forestry with nutrient fodder varieties that can cope up with drought too,
  • The raised agro-forestry lands are beneficial for 15 villages’ ecology, livestock development and increased income
  • About 1250 large and small ruminant rearing families get benefits from the developed agro-forestry lands.