Crowd Fundraiser :

Another unique thing that you can get involved with GIT’s 100% needy and genuine works in which the Almighty bless you and our Planet in which we lives will be balanced and conserved for future generations too is that you can one of our CROWD Fundraiser by being anywhere in the World!

Crowd Funding is one of the present easiest and tension free fund raising and supporting platform. Most of the individuals from around the Globe opts this, for it is hassle-free and can support for a good cause whenever one wants or wishes with one click on your mobile or computer!!

So GIT cordially solicit and request your few Minutes, yes few minutes to get register and HELP the needy children, communities, flora, fauna for survival and life!

You can do two things:

  • Create Crowd Funding Platforms for GIT and share them
  • Share GIT’s Crowd Funding Campaigns with your friends around the World

Please Register here now: Or Please contact now to: Or Leave a single line here, we will contact you