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•    Nurseries: Establishing Plant Production Centers and Green Houses around India

•    We undertake planting trees from our nurseries, over unfertile lands, Hills, Road side areas, Highways, Parks, Govt. Lands, schools, temples, churches and mosques, public and private establishments with their consent.

•    Door to Door Distribution (D3) of plants for domestic wellness and greenery.

•    A plantation program bordering the coastal belt of India for the various natural benefits and outcomes of planting trees. Thereby to create a GREEN WALL of the coastal India.

•    A plantation program like none ever achieved, targeting to plant a BILLION TREES (BILLION TREE PLANTATION). This ongoing process has been a dream project for our trust, to bring about a garden of forests in villages which would increase the fertility of the soils and to make the cities less affected by pollution, providing clean fresh air to breathe.

•    Requesting various Officials and Government sectors, bringing about the awareness of having a greener environment and urging them to permit plantations in their premises.

•    To bring the awareness to people involved with deforestation about the harm being done, to advice them to compensate by planting trees at a 1:10 ratio, there by paving path anew to RE-FORESTATION.

•    We would like to bring to notice of the natural resources such as merging rivers, which are under the notion of being owned, where as in fact, they are what make our nation unified, to reap the richness that can be cultivated in our country.

•    Encouraging Youth association to actively participate in the Green India Trust programs.

•    To install water reservoir and water harvesting systems that can provide for any water scarcity and Improve ground Water level in urban, sub urban layouts.

•    Interact with the leaders and political and nonpolitical organizations urging them to avoid usage of plastic and polythene materials in the campaigns, instead promote their cause through 3rd  and 4th  generation technology such as end print media, electronic media, sms, eletronic mail etc.Avoid burning effigien and destruction of propertyin agitations.

Trustees of Green India

CH.Murali Krishna

Dr. CH.Murali Krishna

Founder & Trustee of Green India


Dr. CH.Veeramma

Trustee of Green India


Mr.Amit Singh Bhadonia

Vice President of Green India


Mr.Maneesh V Sharma

Vice President of Green India



Trustee & Adviser of Green India

V.Arun Kumar

Dr.V.Arun Kumar

Trustee & Adviser of Green India




Volunteer of Green India



Volunteer of Green India



Volunteer of Green India

P.Radha Krishna

P.Radha Krishna

Volunteer of Green India

Own Progress

Billion Tree Plantation 0.5%
Green Awareness 2%
Green Wall 5%
Campaign-2019 50%